GRO Team

Guest Relations/Outreach (GRO) – responsible for guiding the church’s efforts in welcoming and reaching out to guests and prospects through a variety of means.¬† This includes trained ushers and greeters, a welcome center, a current database of guests and prospects, and personal ministry touches through visitation, cards, letters, and phone calls.

This team meets the third Tuesday of each month.

A Casual Connection Lunch is held about every 6 weeks to meet and fellowship with guests and new members after worship.

Team Leader:  Doris

Missions Team

This team is responsible for promoting, teaching, and supporting missions through outreach/evangelism, educational programs, church planting efforts, and other special projects and opportunities that may arise.


We couldn’t put together a fantastic church theme without including podcasting. There are some tremendous plugins that handle podcasting with WordPress, but in order to get everything right, we built it into the theme itself.

You can easily add your podcast file, plus any sermon notes you have too. There’s room for your message artwork if you’d like to add that. There is a nicely made archive page that displays your messages. We also included a widget so you can put your most recent messages on the home page or in the sidebar.

Lastly we’ve included the tools so you can add your podcast to iTunes where others can easily subscribe to it.

Facebook Page

We’re excited to introduce a Facebook page template with Authentic Theme. This page template lets you easily add a custom page to your Facebook fan or location page. We have a demo set up for you to see here.

The template uses either the slideshow or video from the front page as well as either full or half-width widgets to add content. Now you can update your content on your website and automatically add that to your Facebook page. You can have your recent messages, videos, welcome text and more all without having to custom code it. Powerful and simple.

Staff Directories

Staff SectionIf you’ve ever tried to lay out a listing of your staff with pictures and bios forming an attractive grid, you know how difficult that can be. Often times you end up with pictures and text misaligned and editing the finished list can be tedious. We’ve developed a simple way to create staff directories in Authentic Church. Using WordPress’ custom post types, you can easily add the information on your staff members which will then create directories. It’s as easy as writing a blog post.

With the release of Authentic, we’ve taken our staff section to the next level. We’ve introduced staff types so you can have different listings of your staff members. So let’s say you’d like to have a list of your core team and a separate list of your interns. Now you can. You can also reorder the staff listings. If you have a large staff you’re still set since the lists will paginate meaning there’s no limit to how many staff members you have.

This is another example of how we’re including the features that make your life easier. Simple, powerful and useful. That’s Authentic Theme.

Custom Styling

To help customize the theme for your needs, we’ve included a colors and style page. Here you can add your background image/color. You can change the color of links and your navigation. Plus you can add custom CSS into a box for it. That allows you to override the code in your theme without having to alter the stylesheet directly.

Custom Styling

We’ve also included the ability to turn any of your navigation items into a “button.” All you need to do is add the class “button” to your menu item and it will look like the “I’m New” link in our navigation. It’s a great way to add a call to action item right in your navigation.

Custom Branding

To make it easy to include your own branding in Authentic, we’ve added uploaders for your logo, favicons and more right in the theme options page.

Custom Branding

We’ve also included optional footer links to a dozen different social media sites so you can easily connect your profiles with site visitors.

Powerful and easy to use. It’s a rare combination that I believe we’ve found with Authentic.

Image Gallery

Authentic comes complete with an enhanced version of WordPress’ gallery. You can see a demo of it below. Using the gallery is simple. On the page or post where you’d like the gallery to appear, upload the images you’d like to use. Once your images have finished uploading, just click the “insert gallery” link and you’re done.

Post With Right-Aligned Image


Right Aligned Image

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Post With A Centered Image


Centered Image

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