Financial Freedom Seminar

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Flyer-Publisher-Greenfield 11-23-2013

Last spring I began connecting with our national convention regarding this seminar.  My hope was to get formal training for a few of our members  who could in turn provide counsel for those in our church who struggle with money management, stewardship, debt, budgeting, etc.  I wanted to know where in the Midwest we could get this kind of training.  The good news is that they said they’d come to us!


The cost is an amazing $20 (lunch included) for an individual or couple.  Given that this will be open to other churches, space will be limited (about 50 seats for Layton Avenue).  Although registration is through this website—


We want to know if you plan to go.  Next Sunday’s tear-off tab will give you that opportunity.  But feel free to go ahead and register as soon as possible.