IMPORTANT information about our response to the coronavirus threat

Please check here for our most recent updates regarding COVID-19

Join the Layton Avenue Baptist Church on Facebook Sunday morning, 10:45 AM, for a time of information, prayer, and preaching.

After thoughtfully and prayerfully pondering what we should do in response to this situation, the deacons and I determined to cancel tomorrow’s (Sunday 3/15/20) gatherings for Bible Study and Worship. Layton has many members in the at-risk category and we want to be good, cooperative citizens for the common good. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re also eager to see how God can use this situation for good in the life of our church and beyond.  Thank you.  

Pastor Keith Cogburn

3/16/20 Update:

In accordance with recommendations both from the federal and state level, Layton is cancelling all services and activities for the next 15 days which will take us through the end of the month. We’ll again stream live on Facebook March 22 and 29.

I understand that Dave Miles wishes to continue his Bible study on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM. Please take precautions.

Any group or team wishing to meet online is welcome to do so through GoToMeeting (ask me about this).

We’ll have an online giving option on our website by Thursday. Should you wish to sign up for our regular process of monthly bank withdrawals for giving, contact Sarah Vanderkooy at 414-254-3297 or Mailing contributions still works as well: 9600 W. Layton Avenue, Greenfield, WI 53228.

3/18/20 Update:

You can use PayPal to give your regular weekly offering online. Click the button below. Please reach out to Sarah at 414-254-3297 or with any questions.