Moving Information and Instructions

Information and Instructions for Moving Volunteers

The back of U-Haul trailers used to carry the slogan, “An adventure in moving.”  Thank you for being a part of our adventure, February 19 and/or February 26.  Remember that immediately following worship, we’ll have a light lunch for you in the fellowship hall.  Choir members will remain in the sanctuary for rehearsal, have a quick bit to eat, and then join in the moving process.  

Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

  • On Sunday, February 19, we’re seeking to move everything from the Education Building (aka, Stella’s house) and the main church building, except for items in the sanctuary and some nursery items.   Some but not all items will be moved from the Office Annex.
  • On Sunday, February 26, we’ll move sanctuary items, remaining nursery items, and remaining items in the Office Annex.  All we want to leave behind are memories and maybe some old paint cans and other refuse we’d rather let Cobalt handle.  

Here’s how we’re going to organize ourselves:

  • We’ll be assigning you to teams:
  1. Team One—Education building
  2. Team Two—Main building
  3. Team Three—Office Annex
  • Each of these teams will be divided between those loading trucks and trailers at our current sites, and those unloading trucks and trailers at 9600 and placing items in assigned areas (someone will be on site to tell you where to put items).
  • Those delivering items for the offices, will make deliveries through the front doors; those delivering items for the fellowship hall, kitchen, and adult classroom areas will make deliveries through the east fellowship hall door; those making deliveries for the west education wing—children, youth, Sunday School office, supply closet—will make deliveries through the back, east door.  
  • Currently we have four large trailers, a few smaller trailers, and several pickup trucks in our moving caravan.  

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Obviously, wear or bring clothes and shoes you can work in comfortably.  Hey, if it’s warm like they’re predicting, get out your red Team Layton shirt!  
  • Our work time will be approximately, 1:00-6:00 PM.  We need as many people as possible to hang out until we’re done.  Suck it up.  
  • Don’t try to carry anything you think you may not be able to handle.  None of us has anything to prove.  This is not middle school, guys or gals either.   
  • Don’t stand around with your hands in your pockets, regaling others with extended, complex narratives.  Stay busy.  When you feel you need a break, take one but take it away from the path of those continuing to work.
  • Parents, make sure your children are accounted for at all times and out of the path of trucks, trailers, dollies loaded with filing cabinets, and people carrying heavy items that obscure their vision.  Parents of young kids, we’re grateful for your help!  You’re the stronger among us.  
  • Please be careful when you enter the new building carrying items.  We don’t want gouged walls, scratched woodwork, broken lights, or damaged floors to repair.  This will mean paying careful attention at all times, focusing while avoiding extended, complex narratives.  
  • Neither do we want the items we’re moving damaged.  Make sure they’re secured in trucks and trailers.  
  • Stay with the team to which you’re assigned.  We’ve thought this through and placed you where we believe you can be of the most help.  
  • Each team will have two leaders: one at our existing sites and another at 9600.  These leaders have been granted czar-like authority in making decisions on the fly and in answering questions.  If they don’t have an answer, they’ll appeal to the pastor whose “authority will not be questioned,” as someone recently said of someone else.  I’m just kidding folks, sort of.  
  • Plan to have lots of fun.  Make a new friend or two.  Know that you’re doing work for the sake of the Kingdom!