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In January 2014 our church began a process of exploring options for improving and expanding our building.  Almost exactly a year later, the team we elected to study this important matter brought its report.  Remarkably, only a few weeks prior to that report we learned that Cobalt Partners, LLC, was interested in acquiring our property for development purposes.  We put on hold the idea of improving and expanding our building to consider Cobalt’s interest.

In late 2015 we agreed to sell our property to Colbalt Partners, LLC and acquired 5.3 acres of land at 9600 W Layton Avenue, just down the street.

Our new 22,000 square foot building combines the space of the 3 buildings we used for bible study, fellowship, activities, and worship.

Site preparation began as soon as weather permitted in 2016 and continued through Spring 2016.  Our first worship service was on March 5, 2017.

Thousands of volunteers were on hand in the summer of 2016 to assist in the construction of our new building.  Many thanks to Builders For Christ who assisted us in the construction this summer.

Layton Avenue Baptist Church Greenfield WI

What God put before us last year is a “great door of opportunity.”  Most of us view the new building project in this way.  We’ve seen some members come to life with a sense of responsibility and service like we haven’t always seen from them in the past.  Efforts to include as many people as possible in the fundraising campaign, in logistics for welcoming volunteers, and in construction decisions have been relatively successful.

Layton in the News:

May 2016 Milwaukee Business Journal Article:

84South development worked in mysterious ways for Layton Avenue Baptist Church

Updates on the building project from Lee Colony.

Discovering the Treasure Hidden in the Field

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