Team Meetings

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Descriptions can also be found below each heading, please join and learn more about how you can be a part of one of these teams.

GRO Team – led by Doris Borenz – Guest relations and Outreach. This team is responsible for guiding the church’s efforts in welcoming and reaching out to guests and prospects through a variety of means.  This includes trained ushers and greeters, a welcome center, a current database of guests and prospects, and personal ministry touches through visitation, cards, letters, and phone calls. 

GRO Team Meeting Thursday September 17, 6:30pm. Click here to join the meeting or call in +1 (224) 501-3412 Access Code: 209-229-813

Missions Team – led by Pastor Keith Cogburn – This team is responsible for promoting, teaching, and supporting missions through outreach and evangelism, educational programs, church planting efforts, and other special projects and opportunities that may arise.

Missions team meeting Wednesday September 23, 6:30pm Click here to join the meeting or call in (872) 240-3212 Access Code: 942-137-621

Discipleship Team – led by Cynthia Dodge – This team is responsible for coordinating the church’s overall program of discipleship growth, including Bible study programs, Christian growth seminars, membership assimilation into appropriate ministry and service, new member education, children’s worship, child care, and children’s discipleship ministry.

Discipleship team meetingno scheduled meeting

Fellowship Team – This team is responsible for planning and coordinating the church’s ministry of hospitality, including social events, congregational meals, seasonal celebrations, and other special church-wide events.

Fellowship team meetingno scheduled meeting

Worship team – led by Teresa Ledford – This team is responsible for planning and coordinating the overall corporate worship experience, including music, creative arts, observance of ordinances, audiovisual issues, and special events.

Worship team meeting no scheduled meeting

Pastoral Care Team – This team is responsible for acting in a timely and appropriate fashion to pro­vide for the pastoral care needs of the congregation, including family events and crisis support, visitation of the sick, funeral coordination, and other special needs that may arise.  The team will consist of, but not be limited to, the church’s deacons. 

Pastoral care team meeting no scheduled meeting

Properties Team

Properties team meetingno scheduled meeting

Administration Team – led by Brenda Sulok – This team is responsible for: 1) recommending church officers; 2) overseeing properties, including facilities management, landscaping, décor, and custodial service; 3) coordinating the church’s stewardship program, including budgeting, and budget promotion; 4) managing personnel issues (except those related to the ministerial staff which are managed by the deacons) including staffing, bene­fits, reviews, and records; 5) maintaining the church’s techno­logical capabilities and resources; and 6) overseeing the church’s finances, including the ordering of audits when deemed necessary.

Steering Team – consists of team leaders and is responsible for facilitating coordi­na­­tion and evaluation of the church’s overall structure, with the pastor serving as team leader.  Members are mutually responsible for managing their team’s budgets and expenditures in a balanced and prudent way.